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Specialising in stainless steel wire cables

Wire Rope

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SS Fittings

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Materials Handling

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Handrail Fittings

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Wire Rope Balustrading

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Tools & Accessories

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Pool Fencing

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Glass Balustrade

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Shade Fittings

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Industrial Partners

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Load Restraint

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Keble’s Trading is a leading supplier of building and materials handling equipment. Our products range from high quality balustrade, handrails, glass and stainless steel fittings to industrial wire rope, rigging, pool fencing, chain, hoists, height safety, materials handling equipment and lifting equipment.


Keble’s Trading has the expertise and network to source premium quality stainless-steel products for domestic and commercial projects throughout Australia. Based in Victoria, we continue to serve our customers with reliable, effective and long-lasting products that have been crafted to suit various applications and can be tailored to suit your requirements. Our mission is to become Australia’s supplier of choice for high-quality stainless steel products, lifting equipment, rigging and wire rope in the construction, infrastructure and engineering industries.



Our leading product range includes balustrades, handrails, glass and stainless steel fittings, wire rope 0.1mm-52mm, chains, hoists, height safety equipment, materials handling equipment, lifting equipment and rigging fittings. We continue to develop our product range to satisfy the needs of our clients. Likewise, we continue to evolve our business processes to ensure we continue to consistently deliver the best possible value and quality at a competitive price. We also offer you peace of mind with our comprehensive auditing and testing service for all your existing lifting equipment and compliance obligations. We appreciate our customers feedback and strive to we meet your changing expectations.


Construction industry, manufacturers, engineers, government, and trade professionals rely on our products and services on a daily basis. We work with you to complete your project on time within scope and on budget. Feel free to show us a copy of your next project or design specification so that we can assist you in sourcing the right products to meet your requirements.




Lifting, hoisting and lowering heavy loads needs to be performed safely and effectively.


Adding a balustrade to your home or business adds a striking modern visual appearance to your property.


Moving heavy and large objects at a commercial or industrial site requires high quality lifting chains and slings.

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